Introducing Q-Flex Satellite Modem

The new Q-Flex satellite modem is a software-defined modem running on a new universal hardware platform. The design makes it capable of doing whatever you want it to do — now and in the future.

Q-Flex combines exceptional performance, flexibility, simplicity and value. Q-Flex is a new from the ground-up design that incorporates not only current Evolution Series modem features, but many new ones including an optimized spectral roll-off feature that can provide up to 20% bandwidth savings. When combined with other bandwidth-saving features such as Paired Carrier and FastLink-LDPC, Q-Flex provides an excellent value proposition for customers who want to squeeze everything they can from a transponder. Using the latest chips, the total FPGA count has been reduced from the previous platform by half, while increasing the number of functions that can be performed directly on the motherboard. Lower parts-count means less current draw and consequently, less heat. Q-Flex is a true “one size fits all” modem. What it can’t do out of the box — it can with a simple flash-upgrade of additional features including higher data rates, carrier-cancellation, higher modulation and FEC. This future-proofed design ensures that your capital investment is fully protected by allowing functionality upgrades throughout a projected lifetime of 10+ years.



Q-Flex Features

  • 10X More Powerful Main Processor
  • New Internet Protocol (IP) Engine
  • Fully-provisioned IP Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Capable of processing 150,000 IP packets per second
  • Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM)
  • XStream IP™— high-efficiency IP bandwidth-optimization & traffic-management
    • Complete Network Diagnostics —
      • any of which can be employed while carrying live traffic:
      • Wide-band Spectrum Monitor with Peak-hold
      • Bit Error-Rate Tester with Fireberd-emulation
      • Constellation Oscilloscope to 32APSK
      • IP Packet-throughput Monitor
      • interfering-signal detector