Paired Carrier

Cut bandwidth costs and increase the capacity of your satellite networks with Teledyne Paradise Datacom's family of modems. These units can be embedded with Paired Carrier technology to reduce satellite bandwidth needs by up to 50 percent.

Alternately, obtain the same savings by utilizing the separate PCMA-70 Series of Satellite Bandwidth Extenders from Paradise Datacom, which utilize Viasat's patented Paired Carrier Multiple Access technology.

By simply adding the device to your satellite network, you can expand the capacity of transponders, free up bandwidth for more applications, and lower your network’s operating costs.



For example, while satellite space segment costs can vary greatly depending on location and usage, a network operator paying $5,000 per MHz per month for 20MHz can save up to $600,000 per year on bandwidth by using the PCMA-70.

The PCMA-70 boosts the capacity of your satellite transponder space by combining the uplink and downlink transmissions into the same bandwidth. While most satellite transmissions require separate frequencies to transmit and receive, this device enables two different signals to overlap in frequency, which increases the bandwidth available to the system.

The appliance uses an adaptive self-interference cancellation technique to subtract your transmitted signal to recover the desired signal. The canceller works with all modulation and FEC techniques on “bent pipe”, non-cross-strapped satellite networks to enhance the benefits of any advanced modulation techniques or turbo coding you may already use.

With a 1RU form factor, the PCMA-70 fits into a standard rack and interfaces with any digital satellite modem. The device cancels signals with bandwidths of 1 to 36 MHz.