Paired Carrier+

Carrier overlap technology works by transmitting both the outbound and inbound carriers on overlapping satellite transponder frequencies and then using echo cancellation techniques to remove the interference caused by the unwanted carrier, leaving just the wanted carrier. Typical bandwidth savings are between 40% and 50%.



Adjacent carriers replaced by overlapping carriers


Our embedded modem carrier overlap technology, Paired Carrier, has recently been re-engineered from the ground up in order to significantly boost performance across the board. In fact, due to the far-reaching nature of the improvements, we’ve renamed the second generation of this technology to Paired Carrier+ to differentiate it from its predecessor.


The improvements include significant additional levels of suppression of the unwanted signal, resulting in much lower residual interference to the wanted signal, and improved BER performance. The acquisition process is now much faster, with the potential for false locks being virtually eliminated. Robustness in terms of maintaining carrier lock in the presence of unexpected signal degradation has been increased. Cancellation bandwidth has been increased to cover a whole 72MHz transponder, allowing up to around 700Mbps to be supported on one transponder when using our highly bandwidth-efficient DVB-S2/S2X.


Paired Carrier+ is available on our Q-Flex and Q-Lite modems and works with 'bent pipe' transponders.