We offer a range of satellite products for the broadcast industry and our products are widely used by broadcasters around the world for 4k UHD, HD and SD transmissions. Our modulators are fully compatible with the H.265 (HEVC) video encoding standard, as well as older standards such as H.264.


We support the new DBV-S2X standard as well as legacy standards such as DVB-S/DSNG. DVB-CID is supported on all of our modulators and modems.


Our products support ASI and IP interfaces and specialized processing modes such as MPEG-over-IP, jitter removal, multi-streaming and multicast transmissions.


Product Information

Q-NET Network Platform

Q-FlexV Dual IF/L Band Broadcast Satellite Modulator/Modem

Q-Lite Half-Width Satellite Modem

Q-NET PDQS 1:N Redundancy Switch