Version of Q-NET Navigator M&C app released

November 25, 2016

Paradise is proud to announce the release of the latest version of Q-NET Navigator software (V2.0.0.11) - available for free download to all Q-NET users. Navigator is a Windows application that allows all hardware elements of the Q-NET satellite network system, including RF and third-party network equipment to be controlled from a single application.


The new version of software introduces several new features.


It provides synchronisation of point-to-multipoint links such that changes to the configuration of the shared outbound from the hub (such as frequency, data rate, modcod, etc.) are automatically propagated to all remotes such that the remote modems sync to the changes without the operator having to log in to each modem and manually apply the changes. The sync logic makes use of a feature called reversionary control that ensures that the system reverts to the last known good configuration should any of the remotes fail to reconfigure correctly. This new feature is called SYNC LINK and is available for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links. It minimises the scope for operator error and also minimises downtime while the changes are applied.


A new real-time transactional database for storing all of the network details (for example, the location and configuration of each piece of equipment) has been introduced to allow all operators to share a single copy, if desired, ensuring that changes to the network topology and other configuration changes are propagated to all operators in real time.


Search facilities have been introduced to allow any satellite modem or other equipment in the network to be quickly found, either by searching for the IP address, name or partial name of the equipment or site. This allows the operator to then connect directly to the equipment or site without having to search for it manually through the entire network navigation tree.


Q-NET Navigator can be used with all Paradise satellite modems produced over the past 10 years and does not require the modem software to be updated. No license or annual maintenance fee is required.