Teledyne Paradise Datacom showcases 3 milestones in Satcom Technology at IBC

September 5, 2013

TPD to unveil a new high power TWTA, spearheading company’s entry into the 500 watt Ka-band market with another industry-first milestone product.

Two other products, the software-defined Q-FlexTM Modem and the modular PowerMAXTM SSPA, enable operators to ‘future-proof” networks and leap-frog the limitations of legacy technologies.

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA – September 5, 2013 – Teledyne Paradise Datacom, a division of Teledyne Microwave Solutions, will be showcasing in a single booth at IBC 2013 the industry’s three most powerful, state-of-the-art products for high power amplifiers, high power Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs), and new software-defined modems.


Each product provides an unsurpassed combination of power, reliability and flexibility compared to other industry offerings. Perhaps more importantly, each product utilizes milestone achievements in satcom industry technology to give operators previously out-of-reach capabilities for the highest quality of service (QoS) at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Visit Booth 1.B24 in Hall Number 1 to learn more.


Teledyne Paradise Datacom will be using IBC 2013 to announce itself as a new entrant in the expanding market for compact, high power 500 watt Ka-band TWTAs. Next week, TDP will unveil in a separate announcement the details of its new 500 watt TWTA with an industry-first manufacturing and design innovation of great value to both commercial and military Ka-band operators. The TWTA itself will also be showcased in the TPD booth at IBC.


TPD will also exhibit the latest iteration of the industry’s leading software-defined modem, Q-FlexTM. With a wide range of new features and capabilities, the Q-Flex maximizes operational flexibility by addressing virtually all satellite modem applications with a single hardware platform. Ideal for cellular backhaul, oil and gas operations and others with remote connectivity needs, the new Q-Flex is packed with bandwidth-saving features, a dramatically reduced FPGA count, and a main processor ten times more powerful than its predecessor.


TDP has also added XStream IPTM to Q-Flex, a new approach to handling IP that gives operators satellite-friendly, highly efficient IP bandwidth optimization and traffic management tools to deliver the promised QoS goods for SLAs. Finally, the Q-Flex includes an innovative new satellite network management system, Q-NETTM, developed in partnership with CodeMettle. This state-of-the-art platform is a scalable Multiple-Channel-Per-Carrier (MCPC) Demand-Assigned-Multiple-Access (DAMA) system that delivers a higher level of management by allocating resources “on-demand” from a central pool. All network topologies are supported by Q-NET.


Finally, TDP will feature its modular and field-expandable PowerMAXTM SSPA, the leading choice in high power amps for Direct to Home (DTV) links and other broadcasting applications where QoS is vital. Its modular design means there is no single point of failure with PowerMAX, its components are hot-swappable, and it is infinitely scalable to meet changing and growing network needs. Like the Q-Flex modem, PowerMAX’s flexibility enables operators to ‘future-proof’ their networks, delivering long-term cost savings and making it the perfect choice for operators building out new DTV networks or looking to replace the legacy technology of klystron vacuum tubes.