Q-Lite OEM modem adds support for harsh environments

October 26, 2016

The Q-Lite Compact modem now supports additional features designed to allow operation in the harshest environments. The Q-Lite OEM card has been successfully designed into a number of flyaway terminals, piloted and unpiloted airborne applications, and other COTM applications.


Already capable of operating at extreme temperatures, conformal coating of the PCB and option cards is now supported. This adds a protective polymer coating that allows the Q-Lite to be used in environments that contain moisture, sea water and chemical contaminants without any adverse effect.


In addition, a high-G oscillator has been fitted to ensure BUC and LNB 10MHz services can operate without any performance degradation even when the vehicle in which the modem is mounted is experiencing high G forces as a result of violent maneuvers or is going over bumpy terrain.


John Restivo, General Manager of Teledyne Paradise Datacom commented: 'The Q-Lite came along at a time when the very few competitor OEM modem products there are on the market were getting long in the tooth. It brought things bang up to date with the very latest technology and exceptional performance. That allowed us to steal a march and we haven't looked back since. Now the design team are making the best even better, with more in the pipeline.'