Preview of Q-NET DynAMo™, our new satellite bandwidth-on-demand technology

February 26, 2018

Q-NET DynAMo™ (which stands for Dynamically Assigned Modulation) is our new and innovative dynamic SCPC technology that automatically allocates bandwidth on demand in response to changing network traffic patterns.


Q-NET DynAMo™ is based on new technology and new ideas that provide a radical paradigm shift. The many innovations include the lowest control overheads in the industry, a revised link budget process that entirely eliminates wastage of transponder resources and the use of dual modulators for truly hitless SCPC operation. Consequently it unleashes unparalleled network responsiveness and efficiency. Q-NET DynAMo™ will be released later this year following completion of a beta test program. In the meantime, we have prepared the following technology background briefing document for the benefit of our users:


Q-NET DynAMo™ technology brief


The Q-NET™ satellite network platform is our scalable satellite communications system supporting highly-efficient bandwidth technology and sophisticated carrier and traffic management for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks. Q-NET™ is characterised by its unique ‘hub-in-a-box’ and ‘any type of network using a single-building block’ design concepts, which provide unparalleled flexibility along with extremely low CAPEX and OPEX costs. Our hub-in-a-box seems to have caught the imagination of the industry! There is a good reason for that as it provides all of the following in a single 1RU rack unit!


· Modulator

· Up to 16 demodulators

· Ethernet managed switch

· Router

· IP bandwidth optimizer

· ACM controller

· Packet encapsulator/decapsulator

· Spectrum analyser

· Oscilloscope (constellation monitor)

· Signal-under-carrier interference detector

· Traffic generator/analyser

· PRBS BER tester

· Redundancy system controller

· Beacon receiver


An overview of Q-NET™ can be found by clicking on the following link:


Q-NET™ satellite network solution overview


We will be demonstrating Q-NET™ at our booth at the forthcoming Satellite Show in Washington DC. If you are visiting then please come along to our stand (#619) and let us give you a personal demonstration of our latest technology. We look forward to it.