Paradise’s Q-NET satellite network system now being offered as a full turnkey solution

March 31, 2017

Today we’ve announced that our innovative Q-NET satellite network solution is being offered as a full turnkey product. Users can now optionally procure fully wired rack systems complete with pre-configured Ethernet switches, modems, redundancy systems, servers, etc. thereby minimising the time and expertise required to install Q-NET and get it up and running.


The hallmarks of Q-NET are its unique ‘hub-in-a-box’ and ‘any type of network using a single-building block’ design concepts. These provide an unparalleled level of flexibility combined with extremely low CAPEX and OPEX costs.


Recently we turned our attention to making sure that, as well as being simple to procure everything needed, system roll-out goes as smoothly as possible by wrapping everything up into a truly integrated system that can be deployed in the shortest possible time. This new offering has been built on our long-standing expertise in providing fully-wired rack-based satellite modem redundancy systems complete with Ethernet switches, switching matrices, transponder switches, polarisation switches, etc. And with regional Paradise support centers around the world, along with a host of local partners, we’re on hand to take care of any issues at any time, should our assistance be required.


Tony Radford, Vice President of Sales commented: ‘We are known worldwide for our satellite modem and RF product lines and have been providing these as discrete products for many years. Now with the advent of Q-NET, we provide full systems and have transitioned to establishing ourselves as a system provider. By making Q-NET a true turnkey solution, we’re making it as simple to purchase, deploy and use as possible.’


Contact details for Q-NET sales enquiries are provided on the following web page: