Paradise announces full Q-NET 1:N redundancy system support

January 31, 2017

Today Paradise has announced the extension of our existing 1:N satellite modem redundancy system to cover all aspects of our Q-NET satellite network solution. Q-NET supports all network topologies (hub & spoke star, mesh, hybrids, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint). Our existing PDQS 1:N redundancy switch (with standalone backup unit) for point-to-point links has now been extended for point-to-multipoint operation. It can protect up to 16 Q-MultiFlex point-to-multipoint units. The Q-MultiFlex incorporates a modulator and up to 16 demodulators. Consequently, a single PDQS redundancy system at the hub can protect up to 16 shared outbound carriers and the reception of up to 256 inbound carriers, offering great value for money.


Director of Engineering for satellite modems, Colin Mackay, sees this as an important milestone: 'Q-NET caught the attention of the satellite industry by offering a single, flexible, reusable building block, the Q-Flex modem, with or without multiple demods, to build any type of network, slashing the complexity and cost of satellite networks. In fact, it created a new entry point for users on a tight budget, extending the reach of satellite to a brand new audience.'


'However, when each building block in the network packs this much functionality and carries multiple services, the effect of any system malfunction is multiplied many times over. Although Q-NET supported 1:1 redundancy from the outset, it was very important for cost reasons for us to modify our PDQS 1:N redundancy system to be fully compatible with everything we introduced with Q-NET. The value proposition is simple: add 1:N redundancy to the Q-NET system and protect potentially up to hundreds of satellite services for less than 1% of the price of the network. Because we have extended an existing redundancy system that has been in operation worldwide for many years, users have the reassurance that Q-NET redundancy is built on a solid foundation and will just work out of the box.' 


The Q-NET PDQS 1:N redundancy system is shipping now.