Major performance upgrade for Q-Lite modem

May 3, 2017

Paradise is pleased to announce the release of major performance enhancements to the Q-Lite satellite modem.


The Q-Lite is available as an OEM modem card for comms-on-the-move (COTM) applications and also as a half-width chassis-based modem. To date, the OEM product has been designed into around 20 different satellite terminals and man-packs from various vendors. The Q-Lite half-width modem saves air-conditioned space at the hub by allowing two to be fitted side-by-side in 1U of a 19-inch rack and its versatility also makes it ideal as a remote modem for COTM and mobile comms applications.


The Q-Lite maximum data rate has been increased to 345Mbps bidirectional, using the highly bandwidth efficient DVB-S2/S2X waveform and GSE packet encapsulation. Supported symbol rates have been increased to 70Msps, allowing the Q-Lite to generate a single carrier that fills a 72MHz transponder. GSE provides a highly efficient method of encapsulating IP packets within DVB-S2/S2X satellite frames, with an overhead of less than 2%. Both GSE Lite and GSE High Efficiency Mode (HEM) are supported and GSE DVB-S2/S2X interoperability tests were recently successfully completed in co-operation with another satellite modem vendor.


The Q-Lite half-width modem, which was originally L-band only, has been extended to dual IF-L-band operation as standard, further enhancing its applicability in relation to hub applications.


Modem RF performance has been enhanced in several key areas including extending supported L-band frequencies out to 2450MHz, simplifying the RF setup required when using wider HTS transponders.


The Q-Lite also benefits from another recent enhancement, to our carrier overlap technology, Paired Carrier, which has been re-engineered from the ground up and is now called Paired Carrier+. It now provides significant additional levels of suppression of the unwanted signal (thereby reducing self-interference), faster signal acquisition and increased robustness in the face of signal degradation. Cancellation bandwidth has been increased to cover a whole 72MHz transponder, allowing up to around 700Mbps to be supported on one transponder in a single point-to-point bidirectional link.


All of this has been achieved with no increase in SWaP (size, weight and power) other than for a small increase in consumed power at the highest data rates. The enhanced Q-Lite is fully backwards compatible with older versions in terms of form, fit and function, as well as in relation to the protocols used for monitor and control.

Download Q-Lite OEM satellite modem card datasheet

Download Q-Lite half-width satellite modem datasheet