Major enhancement to hub capabilities for Q-NET satellite network solution

April 25, 2018

Paradise has today announced the availability of a new DVB-S2X multi-demodulator option for our Q-NET satellite network solution. Q-NET is our scalable satellite communications system supporting highly-efficient bandwidth technology and sophisticated carrier and traffic management for all types of network including star, full/partial mesh, point-to-point and hybrids.


A new DVB-S2X multi-demod option has been added to the Q-MultiFlex ‘hub-in-a-box’. This creates an alternative to the existing FastLink low-latency LDPC multi-demod unit. The DVB-S2X multi-demod brings the following benefits:


  • The use of ACM on the inbound carriers from the remote sites back to the hub, ensuring the highest possible data throughput at all times.
  • The use of extremely spectrally efficient DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X modcods for the inbound carriers.
  • Highly flexible dynamic DVB-S2X carrier management when used in conjunction with our new Q-NET DynAMo bandwidth-on-demand application.


The DVB-S2X multi-demod card supports eight demods and up to two can be fitted to the Q-MultiFlex, making 16 demods in total. Aggregate DVB-S2X receive data rates of 345Mbps/70Msps are supported per Q-MultiFlex. Q-NET allows up to 128 remote sites to share a single outbound carrier.


Colin Mackay, Director of Engineering commented, ‘Q-NET has gained widespread recognition as a truly affordable and unique satellite network solution. Now every carrier in our users’ point-to-multipoint networks can benefit from using the most bandwidth efficient waveform technology available. This demonstrates once again that being affordable doesn’t mean compromising on performance’.


An overview of Q-NET can be found here.


The latest Q-MultiFlex datasheet can be found here and the corresponding datasheet for our Q-Flex P2MP modem is available here.